Jonathan Boyarski

'Ski' is an American partisan, a hard-fought teen used to dirty fighting and hard living.


AKS-74 (folding stock), 8 mags + 1 loaded
GP-30, 0 rounds
AK Bayonet
TT-33, 3 mags + 1 loaded
1x RPG-18
1x Russian AT Grenade (RKG-3)
2x Russian Hand Grenade (RGN)
1x US Hand Grenade (M-67)
Brick of Plastic Explosive (PVV-5; no blasting cap)
SOG Multitool
Folding-Blade Knife


Jonathan ‘Ski’ Boyarski
Age: 19
Race/Class/Job: human; American partian

Appearance: Jon is of medium height and thin build, with buzzed brown hair and hazel eyes. He’s wearing combat boots, urban BDU pants, a black t-shirt, a leather bomber jacket with the ROTC patch sewn to the shoulder, a Russian chest rig, Russian Army-issue rucksack, and a black watch cap. The teen’s build is thin; revealing a harsh life for the last few years. He has a hard look to his eyes, the look of a person who is carrying much more of a burden than anyone had a right to ask.

Background/History: Jon was a semi-normal kid; he grew up in a military family, and had aspirations of nothing but military service himself. He loved the outdoors and earned the rank of Eagle Scout, as well as spending four years in JROTC. During high school, he developed a love of military hardware, and studied all the literature he could get his hands on. Jon had planned to go to college and commission in the Army as an officer, but whatever plans he had were interupted when the Russians invaded. Jon took a few of his father’s guns, and took to the streets. He would later learn that his family had been executed when they could not produce all the weapons registered to them.

Shortly after leaving, Jon (or Ski as he prefers) linked up with a group of guerillas and has fought with them for three years. The partisans were made up of people from all across the civilian sector, including some former soldiers, and he quickly learned a variety of skills, from demolitions and heavy weapons handling to small unit tactics and ditch medicine. He was a quick learner (partisans who weren’t didn’t last long) and proved to have almost a sixth sense for traps.

Personality: Ski is brave, but it is a bravery born of desperation and a feeling of having nothing else to loose. Ski is a good kid, but he has a temper, and a streak of well-earned paranoia. When he’s calm, he is generally a nice guy, a little sarcastic, sometimes a bit crude, but funny and well-meaning. In the shit though, he is cold and calculating and fantical for his cause. He is slow to trust, especially new people, but is fiercely loyal to those he considers friends.

Note: He prefers the term ‘freedom fighter’, but is alright with ‘partisan’ or ‘guerilla’, but finds the term ‘insurgent’ offensive.

Jonathan Boyarski

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